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We always stay with our clients and respect their dreams. We deliver 100% and provide best results.

Trinetram Builders, the brand was founded in 2016 with the goal of being a first-class construction company, specializing in the management of construction and reconstruction of residential and commercial properties in the Tricity (Chandigarh, Punchkula, Mohali, Zirkpur). Trinetram Builders won representative embodiment with a rich heritage of high performance, which was based on uncompromised commitment and careful planning a cost-effective manner to end users. Trinetram Builders success comes from the confidence building built client and the perfect team of 40 employees. The staff consists of professionally qualified engineers, architects and consultants, designers and supervisors who rented a journey of growth.


The residential remodeling experts

New Building Work

We facilitate our clients with Single point services. This includes a full range of civilian construction to full housing provision. We ensure that the structure is disaster resistant, technically sound and beautiful. Our goal is to provide timely, high-quality construction according to the financial parameters presented by our clients.

Renovation Work

We are also involved in the construction and repair of residential and commercial spaces. During these years of our existence, we have established ourselves as the leading name in the construction business. We will rebuild the offices to set them up ergonomically and to live homes to enjoy them.


One of the major aspects of our services is landscape architecture. We provide highly specialized service which involves planning and designing of infrastructure with regard to an entire housing or commercial project. We analyze the space thoroughly, study the feasibility of the clients’ requirements, and suggest the best solutions before working upon the design


We architect your dreams at TRINETRAM Builders. Our architecture specialists are higly experienced and licensed. They provides the best possible designs for the clients according to their requirements and within the budget. All the laws governing the construction and architecture are strictly adhered to, hence, a smooth process is created without any valid tunnel.

Free Consultancy Services after Handover

We are always ready to provide free consultancy services even after project's handover.Being well aware of local laws and other requirements enables us to build accordingly and efficiently. Our clients can rely on us during and after the completion of the project.

Project Management

Trinetram Builders is known for its wonderful Project management. We provide estimation and costing, co-ordination of Architects,Interior designing and Contractors, site supervision for 24X7, manage time scheduling, market assistance, final bill checking - Item rate.


Creating quality urban lifestyles, building stronger communities

Er. Rakesh Limba

Owner and Director

From complete turn key to project manager. Leave the building to the professionals.

Trinetram Builders is a solid, serious organization with great achievements in construction and real estate field. The team includes experienced experts from various construction and civil engineering environments from all over India. Our management team creates competitive advantages through the best practices and quality of construction - achieve unmatched results in all performance indicators.We recruited our staff after extensive investigation based on their vast knowledge and experience. Our team of architects works to coordinate clients' needs and needs. They manage a lot of research and try to understand current trends in the construction market. Our team provides free consultancy services after project completion.







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